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The bbb_parport_full cape - digital delivery only!!!!!!!!

You will get the full project for building your own cape (schematic, layout, part list, etc) as a downloadable zip file.
Digital delivery only!


This "cape" will enable you to interface a BBB (BeagleBone Black) with parallel port based NC systems. The cape provides bidirectional level shifting registers so that the BeagleBone’s 3.3V I/Os can be safely connected to regular parport based hardware (usually using 5V levels).

The basic cape provides 30+1 signals which can be used as inputs or outputs depending on the users needs. (30 IOs, 1 status LED). Some of these are routed to the DB25 connector (compatible with LinuxCNC sample configurations, and common step/dir hardware), some are routed to the 6 axes connectors (check Schematics)

The sample signal names used can be used as is (using LinuxCNC sample configurations) or can be repurposed depending on user needs.


  • 4 x GTL2003 bidirectional levelshifting registers
  • 3.3V voltage on BBB side, 5V on peripheral side
  • DB25 connector
  • IDC connector for a parport flat cable
  • 6 x connectors for supplementary signals (included)
  • analog digital converter ADS1015 with extra connector (4 inputs) (included)
  • 24C256 EEPROM, to be fully compatible with BBB specifications for capes (included)


This is the project for all versions. You can add the following (based on needs):
  • DB25 connector
  • 6 axes connectors
  • additional analog input ADS1015
  • i2c EEPROM



The complete schematics are included with the project. Some parts are presented here futher.

Parport pinout (IDC on the left, DB25 on the right):

Additional axes pinout:


Due to personal problems - no time for properly maintaining the project - all manufactured versions of the capes have been discontinued, only a digital version of the project is still available.

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