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bbb_parport Case


A simple, yet sturdy case which can hold the beagle bone black, along with the bbb_parport cape.

Allows access to all BBB connectors and the DB25 from the bbb_parport:
  • DB25 - LinuxCNC connector
  • ethernet
  • power adapter
  • USB - both mini USB on the front, and regular USB on the back
  • mini HDMI
  • microSD card

The regular finish is black (powdercoated), but upon request a non-coated version can be supplied aswell (galvanized steel).

90 * 57 * 50 mm

Weight: ~200g


The additional axes and analog connector from the bbb_parport are not directly accessible for this version. You need to drill some holes for the cables.
This is a design issue, and might get changed in the next bbb_parport_case version if there is enough interest.

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